By Way of Reminder

From generation to generation, the stories of Scripture that gave identity and meaning and life were passed down orally and aurally. To listen was to remember. To listen was to become. What would it look like to reclaim that oral tradition? What would it look like for the stories of Scripture to be told anew? Passed down anew? Might we again find identity and meaning and life? Who might we become ... by way of reminder?

Sixty Second Sabbath

What if we took a minute – just one minute – every day to center? Focus? Breathe? What if we took just sixty seconds each day to connect with God? To connect with one another? And to remember what a gift that very breath you’re breathing is. When you subscribe to the Sixty Second Sabbath podcast, each weekday, you’ll receive a minute-long breath of fresh air for your ears. It’s not weird. Trust me.

both podcasts are coming in 2016 from Brent Levy and Jennifer Moxley