Brent Levy is restless. He's a dreamer. He's never satisfied with the status quo. He relishes being the squeaky wheel. He likes good, thoughtful design and starting new things. Puns, too. He's an enneagram seven.

Brent and his wife Natalie have been married for over six years and they recently made a human being together named Emma. They also have a cat named Belle (yes – after the Disney princess). Brent graduated from Duke Divinity School in May 2015 and previously lived in Harrisonburg, Virginia where he attended James Madison University and helped start a United Methodist Faith Community for disconnected young adults and college students called RISE. He and Natalie both grew up right outside Richmond, Virginia in a town called Glen Allen. 

Brent can be bribed with Chipotle. He is a nerd when it comes to Disney World, design and Apple products. As of this writing, his three favorite podcasts are: The Memory Palace, Reply All, and 99% Invisible. He geeks out over U2 and has seen them perform live 4 times. For fun, he really likes to play pub trivia.

Brent is a provisional elder in the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church, currently serving as Associate Pastor of Christ United Methodist Church in Chapel Hill, NC.